Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim (India)

THE KASÎDAH IX, 173, 180

In Days to come, Days slow to dawn,
 when Wisdom deigns to dwell with men,
These echoes of a voice long stilled
 haply shall wake responsive strain:

Wend now thy way with brow serene,
 fear not thy humble tale to tell:—
The whispers of the Desert-wind;
 the tinkling of the camel’s bell.



M.G. Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim (India)

THE KASÎDAH IX, 165, 172

Then, if Nirwânâ round our life
 with nothingness, ’tis haply best;
Thy toils and troubles, want and woe
 at length have won their guerdon—Rest.

Cease, Abdû, cease! Thy song is sung,
 nor think the gain the singer’s prize;
Till men hold Ignor’ance deadly sin,
 till man deserves his title “Wise:”